The flag is quite colourful, which symbolizes the diversity of Finno-Ugric peoples, yet since all colours are put on the white background, it does not violate the heraldic rule of tincture, which is also used in designing flags.

Putting flags of all Finno-Ugric peoples into one common flag wouldn't be a good solution for esthetical reasons. That's why I have rather loosely based my flag on flags of only some Uralic peoples, and not all. Main source flags for the UFLAG was:

I've chosen those particular flags for at least two reasons.

First of all, I wanted to use flags from different subgroups of the Uralic family:

Secondly, I wanted to use flags of states, where one of the Finno-Ugric language is the main language of the population. That's why I used Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian flags. The colours of the flag of Russian Federation, where most of Uralic peoples live, is also visible in the design.

Anyway, please remember, that the whole UFLAG stays for all Uralic peoples! It's not to be interpreted that every particular stripe refers to this or that Ugro-Finnic nation. Particular elements do stem from different flags, but I tried to harmonize them into one common flag.

Stripes are interwoven which imitates a traditional art of weaving and symbolizes mutual cooperation between Finno-Ugric nations.

The symbol most prominently displayed on UFLAG is also present [in a slightly different form] on flags of Udmurtia and Mordovia, as well as on the coat of arms of Karelia, but it is widely known and traditionally used in Estonia and in other regions as well: in Transilvania it is used on a flag of Székely National Council, representing a subgroup of Hungarian minority in Romania. As far as official symbols of republics and peoples are concerned, it's used only by Finno-Ugric nations.

Udmurtia  Mordovia  Karelia

Estonia Risti vald, Estonia Székely National Council

It may stand for moon, sun or morning star. For example in Udmurt language it is called толэзь [toleź] 'moon' or шудо кизили [šudo kizili] 'lucky star'. It's widely used as an emblem, for example in different logo proposals for Izhevsk:

Izhevsk logo by Марат Амарей Izhevsk logo by Артемий Лебедев

or, in a "pixelized" form, as the logo of Uralistica I designed in 2008:

Uralistica logo

In UFLAG the emblem stands for the common identity, which bonds all Uralic peoples together.

Szymon Pawlas [varpho],
designer of the UFLAG